suessing it up! (cumback!!!!) r u ready?

i just can’t hold it back ANYMORE you see, everyone is FOREWARNED of the S-M-U-T. the secretservice paid me to keep my mouth SHUT, so lend me your ear’s and cover your BUTTS. if you haven’t heard about the scary monster YET, oh it’s the muff diving fist fucking smut i BET. coming for ye GOLD, and whatever ya GOT! doesn’t matter how OLD, she’ll take everything ye BOUGHT. watch out RUNAWAY dont get in a FIGHT, she’ll fuck your fist ALLLDAY and ALL NIGHT! ladies only a few of you have to WORRY, she likes ugly Bitches that are at least 40. she’ll dive straight into your va-gene! it’s true, licking mudflaps like a machine like it’s nothings new. dalton dickey has a video of his encounter with the beast, but he’s waiting for hallow ween to upload so i can scare all of you;) SHEESH!

^^ HA HA! i WAS the first to diss like dr suess
^^if you copy me ill hack your TUMBLR douche
(i’m not kidding about hacking your shit)
ps.ps. it’s NOT a porn but she does try to rip off my dick.


if my clothes ever

make you feel uncomfortable.. please take them off. asap.. thanks.


gimmie a break

giiiimie a break 

break me offa a peice of that clit kat bar..



if beauty is only skin deep, how fucking gorgeous would my dick be.. when it’s nine inches inside you? 



i petitioned tumblr to make a big dick appreciation day, february 20th my birthday… keep you fingers crossed ;)


i’m gunna need some tape, cuz i’m rippped!
how could someone look so innocent but yet, be soo evil.. throw a nine inch penis on it;)
once again..

Fans can thank mark lepore.

bullshit aside.. kids my best friend for real..


getnakedbrah said: Your website is back up! Are new vids cumming soon?


who’s already getting horny?!?:)


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